Amazing Face-Paintings Transform Models Into The 2D Works Of Famous Artists

by  Valeriya Kutsan

If this isn’t the tightest shit you’ve seen then get the hell out of my face.

I’ve reblogged this before, so I’m doing it again.

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Gerhard Richter - Niagara Falls, 1988.

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tree frog and tree python are totes besties. photos by fahmi bhs (previously featured) in jakarta (more precious lil buddies)

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

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A Détacher Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Details, NYFW.

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The eruption at Holuhraun lava field, just north of Vatnajökull glacier, has now lasted just over five days. Last night lava from the eruption encompassed over nine square kilometers.

Volcanic activity has not decreased since it started and a 4,8 earthquake was detected in the area at four o´clock last night. All traffic arround the lava field has been banned.

Auðunn Níelsson, photographer for Fréttablaðið and Vísir, flew over the eruption yesterday and took these images og the breathtaking scene.

(Source visir.is http://www.visir.is/magnificent-images-of-the-volcanic-eruption-/article/2014140909581)

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flowers in my quills

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